Turkish Oil Cooler Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish oil cooler, Turkey oil cooler manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality oil cooler from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

AYTAC IS MAKINALARI SAN TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s machine parts, motor parts, spare parts, spare part, gears, gear, oil cooler
SUPEREL        Türkiye         
s cooler, coolers, oil cooler, oil coolers, radiator, radiators, aluminum oil cooler, aluminum oil coolers, water radiator, water radiators
MISAN MAKINA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Nusret PARILDAR    
s oil cooler, folded core radiator, oil radiator, heat exchanger, bundle type cooler
AKIN OTO TIC. SAN. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Hürol SUNLU    
s spare parts, truck spare parts, bus spare parts, brake drums, brake discs, wheel, wheels, brake pads, brake linings, wheel hubs, brake slack adjusters, rubber products, rubber spare parts, metal products, metal spare parts, brake chambers, brake actutors, elements of axles, suspension brackets, transmissions, engine, engine parts, engine spare parts, gaskets, clutch cylinders, select cable, bowden cable, shift cable, flywheel ring gear, oil pump, oil pressure switch, oil cooler, gear box housing, compressor, fan blade, intercooler hose, water pump, pressure valve, brake switch, turbocharge hose, retarder hose, compressor head
PETEKSAN OTO RADYATOR SAN. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Fatih Atabulu    
s radiator, oil cooler, intercooler, heat exchanger, heater
THAI RUAM YONT TRADING CO. LTD.        Tayland     piyamit pornlerdpitayakul    
s mercedes, scania, aluminium cover, brake part, oil cooler
MURAT OTOMOTIV TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Murat GEÇGEL    
s auto spare parts, korean car spare parts, japan car spare parts, european car spare parts, engine spare parts, mechanic spare parts, electric spare parts, brake spare parts, auto cables, transmission spare parts, interior car spare parts, exterior car spare parts, auto, auto spare, auto spares, auto spare part, mechanic, engine, electric, transmission, brake, brakes, brake spare, engine spare, auto mechanic, auto electric, auto parts, piston ring, cylinder liner, wheel hub, exhaust manifold, brake pads, brake shoes, oil cooler, brake disc, brake drum, brake hose, car spare parts, spark plug cable, door handle, car parts, transmission gear, auto electric spare parts, original auto parts, ignition switch, water pump, clutch spare parts, radiator hose, auto brake spare parts, auto transmission spare parts, piston pin, auto engine spare parts, rubber auto spare parts, engine mount, genuine auto spare parts, original auto spare parts, original car parts, genuine car spare parts, original car spare parts, european car parts, genuine auto parts, genuine car parts, auto mechanic spare parts, genuine auto brake spare parts, genuine auto transmission spare parts, genuine auto engine spare parts, manifold exhaust, caliper piston, radiator intercooler, crank pulley, pump pulley, clutch fork, clutch fork knob, cylinder head bolt, piston caliper, thermostat cover, engine oil cooler cover, cover tow hook, bar strut, torsion bar, torsion bar adjusting arm assy, rocker arm bolts, crank shaft assy, engine block cover kit, fuel pipe, axle shaft retainer, alternator assy, power steering repair kit, water pump pulley, torsion arm, main shaft transmission gear, axle key assy, gear reverse, pipe assy coolant, wheel bolt-hub, rocker arm shaft, parking brake cable, engine valve exhaust, water pump gasket, wheel axle, automotive sealing, spark plug seal hose, oil cooler radiator, main engine bearing, front-rear brake disc, auto mud, korean car parts, japan car parts, auto suspension spare parts, whell nut bolt, vacuum hose and teflon, climate hose, injector tube, pipe, whell power tube with hose, water pump tube, pipe fuel tube, pipe
MCS HIDROLIK SAN. TIC. A.S.        Türkiye     Ömer Faruk DURSUN    
s hydraulics, pneumatics, hoses, couplings, pressure gauges, thermometers, pumps, control levers, pipes, pistons, tie rod axles, collar connections, hydramotors, hydraulic valves, solenoid valves, barrels, reducers, oil coolers, ring gears, steering control units, automatic couplings, ball valves, pump adapters, clamps, cable carriers, hydraulic, pneumatic, hose, coupling, pressure gauge, thermometer, pump, control lever, pipe, piston, tie rod axle, collar connection, hydramotor, hydraulic valve, solenoid valve, oil cooler, reducer, clamp, ring gear, ball valve, cable carrier, pneumatics, barrel, steering control unit, automatic coupling, pump adapter
s caterpillar spare parts, cummins spare parts, engine parts, fiat spare parts, gasket kit, gear, hitachi spare parts, iveco spare parts, kato spare parts, komatsu spare parts, liner set, oil cooler, piston, radiator, segman, starter, turbocharger, v belt
BAKHSHIAN GENERAL TRADING GROUP        İran     farshid Bakhshian    
s clutch disc, oil pump, water pump, engine bearings, clutch cover, turbocharger, piston, cylinder liner, piston ring, gear box, fuel pump, air compressor, oil cooler, shock absorber, universal joint, clutch servo, power steering pump, auto spare parts
SHANGHAI YINCHANG        Çin     ivan lee    
s oil cooler
DAMSAN MAKINA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Yıldıray AYDIN    
s machine, machinery, machines, machineries, fish oil press, oil cooler, oil cooker, fish pump, packing machine, feed facilities, extruder system, elevator, fish dryer, mill, chain conveyor, fishing boat, storage, storage tank, storage tanks, storages, steel construction, steel constructions, concrete form, concrete forms, chain conveyors, on board equipments, vehicle lifting platform, vehicle lifting platforms, tank, concrete plant, feed mill, fish oil, fishmeal, pellet, hammer mill, feed, fishmeal
CRV LTD. STI.        Türkiye     SİNAN YILDIZ    
s bus body parts, cabin parts, wheel, wheels, oil pump, aluminium cast precision part, water pump, intercooler pipe, rubber mounting, crankshaft, engine mounting, camshaft, crown wheel pinion, flywheel, cylinder head, ring gear, valve seat ring, bearings, brake adjuster, pistons, fans, blade, liners, compressor parts, engine gasket, transmission parts, con rod, clutch facing, valve, shock absorber, valve guide, truck body/cabin parts, valve seat rings, flywheel housing, oil cooler cap, oil cooler, fans & blade, bus body, alfa romeo parts, aston martin parts, audi parts, bmw parts, bugatti parts, cadillac parts, chevrolet parts, chrysler parts, citroen parts, dacia parts, daewoo parts, daihatsu parts, dodge parts, eagle parts, ferrari parts, fiat parts, ford parts, honda parts, hummer parts, hyundai parts, infiniti parts, isuzu parts, jaguar parts, jeep parts, kia parts, lada parts, lamborghini parts, land parts, rover parts, lexus parts, lotus parts, mazda parts, mercedes-benz parts, mercury parts, mg parts, mini parts, mitsubishi parts, mullen parts, nissan parts, oldsmobile parts, opel parts, peugeot parts, plymouth parts, pontiac parts, porsche parts, proton parts, renault parts, saab parts, saturn parts, seat parts, skoda parts, smart parts, subaru parts, suzuki parts, tofaş parts, toyota parts, vauxhall parts, volkswagen parts, volvo parts
SRF SELGECEN RADYATOR FAB. SAN. TIC. A.S.        Türkiye         
s car radiator, intercoolers, heater, oil cooler
KARYER ISI TRANSFER A.S.        Türkiye     Manuel TOGAÇ    
s heating, cooling, heat exchngers, evaportaor, condensers, heat exchangers, unit cooler, cooler, evaporator, condenser, gas cooler, dry cooler, oil cooler, heat recovery
UYGUR OTOMOTIV LTD. STI.        Türkiye     İhsan ÇIRAY    
s engine parts, electric parts, brake parts, power transmission parts, cabin parts, body parts, man parts, mercedes parts, truck parts, truck spare parts, compressor piston bushings, bushings, oil coolers, valve tappets, flywheels, window water spray pumps, bumpers, rockers, joint crosses, tightener pulleys, air compressors, brakes, axles, rod parts, gearbox parts, engine part, electric part, brake part, power transmission part, cabin part, body part, man part, mercedes part, truck part, truck spa, flywheel, brake, truck spare part, axle, air compressor, oil cooler, bushing, tightener pulley, rocker, bumper, joint cross, valve tappet, compressor piston bushing, window water spray pump, rod part, gearbox part
BAYSAN MAKINA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Hakan GÜLBAY    
s gearboxes, mechanical gearboxes, hydraulic gearboxes, dampers, shaft couplings, shaft flexible couplings, engine vibration dampers, vibration dampers, damper drrive plates, heat exchangers, marine heat exchangers, oil coolers, marine oil coolers, marine gearboxes, mechanical marine gearboxes, hydraulic marine gearboxes, marine mechanical gearboxes, marine hydraulic gearboxes, gearbox, mechanical gearbox, hydraulic gearbox, damper, shaft coupling, shaft flexible coupling, engine vibration damper, heat exchanger, oil cooler, vibration damper, damper drrive plate, marine heat exchanger, marine oil cooler, marine gearbox, mechanical marine gearbox, hydraulic marine gearbox, marine mechanical gearbox, marine hydraulic gearbox
s spare parts, car parts, auto spare parts, decatra, wabco, knorr, haldex, cummins, man, mercedes, volvo, scania, daf, renault, maz, kamaz, mac, dford, isuzu, hino, truck, trailer, bus, aftermarket, original, genuine, caliper, compressor, drag link, ball joint, body parts, engine, cylinder head, radiator, hose, flexible pipe, flexible, water pumps, fuel pumps, oil cooler, expansion tank, clutch, clutch master cylinder, clutch servo, clutch booster
KROM OTOMOTIV LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Burak ÜNAL    
s spare parts, auto spare parts, automobile spare parts, brake drums, brake discs, brake pads, brake linings, wheel hubs, brake slack adjusters, rubber products, rubber spare parts, metal products, metal spare parts, brake chambers, brake actutors, elements of axles, suspension brackets, transmissions, engine, engine parts, engine spare parts, gaskets, clutch cylinders, select cable, bowden cable, shift cable, flywheel ring gear, oil pump, oil pressure switch, oil cooler, wheel, wheels, lighting, axle, caliper, brake disc, brake drum, hub, gear box housing, brake equipment, steering joints, gear transmission fittings, bearing groups, brake callipers, engine oil sump
SAH RADYATOR IMALAT LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Hacı HIRLAK    
s radiator, oil radiator, boiler, heater, watercoolers, evaporator, water radiator, air conditioning, oil cooler, radiators, oil radiators, boilers, evaporators, water radiators, conditioners, oil coolers, watercooler